love these kids

first they made my job really easy! if you can imagine boys that are natural in front of the camera. . . i was loving it!!! and the baby girl. . . she didn't want to smile but she had the perfect amount of chubb and she smelled so good i wanted to eat her up and bring her home with me. thank you for having me take your pictures. . .i had so much fun!!!

i love this black and white pic

beautiful mom

could not decide color or black and white . . .


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!!that baby girl is sooo cute!!!!
    When are you going to post your baby girl's pictures?? :)

  2. WOWZA!!! These are amazing. I love #1 because the colors are so vibrant; it's artistic. #2 is an incredible black and white...one of the first pics I like b&w instead of in color. #4 is cute because the kids are affectionately playing together...nice work. The last 4 pics all have incredible detail in the eyes. In fact, it almost seems like you can see the reflection of different colors in the little boys' eyes. Good work Kelli. When are you gonna get that new camera? Let's order it today.

  3. DARLING Kell! I loved all of them, but the color is so great on them...

  4. I love the backgrounds in those pics- the barn and the car- so boy and so fun- great work. The way cute kids don't hurt either! Take Shane up on his offer- Yipee!