little miss mya

this little two year old was soooooo cute and look how she's dressed. . . .like she came straight out of a magazine! i love photographing toddlers because they laugh, play and they let me know when they have had enough (last pic) ha ha!!

sherri your probably not going to like this one with her skirt pulled up but i couldn't resist! her cute little legs and half nakedness. . . i love it!


  1. SO darling - she is adorable!!! Can't wait to do ours - I need to call you:)

  2. Kelli, these are awesome! That was a great session, I thought.

  3. Kell- I love the antiquiness(I'm sure that's not a word or even the right description) of these pics- but the red chair, the old door- I love it. She looks so relaxed and candid...and oh those beautiful eyes!