farrs fresh. . .ice cream, custard, and frozen yogurt cafe

i dont know about you but when i see the word CAFE i think of a cool hang out place. . . so if your looking for somewhere fun and if you love ice cream you have to try this new business out in clinton. it has something for everyone. it has the thick creamy ice cream and custard for my husband and the fat free frozen yogurt for me (they also have my favorite flavor 'tart'.) they have so many toppings from fresh fruit to candy bars. . .they even have sprinkles and bubble gum for the little ones if your nice enough to bring them on your date.
They just opened about a week ago and they part of the farrs ice cream in ogden we all know and love.

this next pic is of the cozy fireplace they have inside so you can enjoy ice cream all year round

a pic as you walk through the front door

i don't have pictures of all the different toppings but i did post a few. . .these are different syrups

of course the hot fudge and caramel

close up of some of the toppings

more toppings


  1. Umm... YUM!!! Do you know the owners? Are these pics for their store?? We'll call you when we go and you can meet us there:)

  2. Kelli, these photos are amazing. I think you should be able to talk El Presidente into free ice cream for LIFE, in exchange for these masterpiece images. :)

  3. Kelli, Jared just told me about your blog and that you're officially doing photography! I'm so excited for you! I love the images. You really are so incredibly talented! Thanks for sharing.