another favorite

i know i just posted one of my favorite families but back to back i did another favorite of mine. these guys have been our best friends for about five years and i still wish we were neighbors. liz is just like one of my sisters and i was so excited when she ask me to photograph her family. i love you guys and we miss you.

gayle you are soooooooo beautiful

tyson. . . my love! he didn't like the camera but i stole a few shots anyway

the whole family

and finally the mom and dad that are the reason these kids are so freakin' cute. oh and did i mention that liz (the mom) just finished her first marathon! you guys are awesome. . .and jared i hope the pictures were worth the torture (haha)!!!


  1. Wow - you have been SUPER busy! I LOVE all these family pics - they are getting me geared up to call you - they all look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Kelli, all of your stuff is AMAZING!!!! I want to have you do Lia's 6 month pics in her Sealing and Blessing dress. Can't wait to see what you do with Mia!!!

  3. Kelli, I love your work!! You do great, great photography. Would you email me and let me know your pricing. I am looking for someone to do our family pictures. It was good running into you at Avalon. Hope to hear from you soon!!!
    My email address is korieannhelco@hotmail.com
    Thanks--Korie Newby

  4. LOVE the collage of JJ and Diz. And Tyson and Gail look AMAZING!!! This is some of your best stuff. They look SOOOooooo good. Gail's eyes just pop out at you in pics 1 and 2. Impressive.