things i'll miss

naked boys, little bums, fresh fruit, the boat, grandpas swimming pool, and summer(to name just a few), but most of all i will miss the five year old, three year old, and 11 month old because they wont stop growing up.
the older my kids get the faster time flies (especially summer) and i want to remember every second of it. these are the best times in my life. i love you boston, luci and kate. thanks for giving me something to look forward to everyday!


so confident and sure of himself. i love that he knows who he is and where he came from. i also love that you can see the special relationship that he has with his grandma (i love how they are holding on to each other)

shane's sister

swimming at grandma's and grandpa's:

love her rolls dripping off her body. i can't get enough of them!

these are what most of my boston pictures look like. . .goofy

some more naked boys. . .he loves to play in his underwear. . .does anyone else have that problem?

thanks for looking at all my memories. i love being a mom!


  1. Those are the most amazing kids in the whole world!!!I always cry after reading all your comments under the pictures.

  2. Aw Kell - thanks for making me cry!!! I LOVE all the pics and I LOVE that you LOVE being a mom - I can totally tell when I am with you - you are the best:)

  3. Kelli, I LOVE these pictures. Lucky us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those are the funnest pictures! I can't believe Kate is almost 1! Me and Drew were wondering if she's started walking yet...it's been so long :( Love you guys!

  5. Hi Kelli! Thanks for the congrats. We are so super excited!!!
    I am droooooooling over all your pictures. They are AMAZING!!!! I wish I lived by you so you could capture some awesome pix when we get our baby. You do amazing work. Your family is so dang cute. Hope all is well!!