urban family

this family made my job really easy! when amy called to schedule a time she said she wanted to go into ogden and she already had all their outfits picked out. then i showed up and saw how beautiful they were and my life was easy. you guys were so awesome and i loved getting to know your family!!!

this is the oldest, tanner and he is sooooooo cool!

next is boston and i cant get over how much i love his name!

then we have the baby. . . hudson! he could not decide if this taking picture stuff was fun or torture!

just boys. . . . .

the whole family. . . and they are all looking at the same time!! good job boys

amy. . . please dont kill me for posting this! i know we hate to see close up pics of ourselves but you are so beautiful and i can tell your a wonderful mother! someday your boys will want to see a picture of YOU and remember the person who took care of them day and night and loved them no matter what!

i love how mom and dad are looking at each other. you make a perfect couple and great family! thanks for letting me get to know you and take your pictures!!!


  1. hmmm.. I LOVE the background:) Very cute and I LOVE the colors they chose - that is kind of the same thing I am thinking.. My fav is the mom holding the little boys hand - it is darling...

  2. Kelli, you are soooooooo dang good. I just drool when I look at the pix you take. You're amazing. This family is adorable too. So fun!!

  3. Oh my gosh Kelli!!! I love them they turned out soooo great!!! Thank you so much for being so patient with my family. I am so impressed with you and creativity!!!

  4. GREAT photos, Kelli. I LOVE them all. I think the photo of the family is one of the best family shots I've seen. And those boys are cute, aren't they. You're a pro!!!

  5. Looking at these pictures makes me so excited to get our pictures taken in October!! You are so talented! Sorry I missed you when you called on Friday, I was out of town. Talk to you soon!