soooooo blessed

today my little boy turns six and i want him to know how special he is to me. i feel so blessed to have him in my life and i am so greatful for all the things he teaches me!
boston is so sweet. he is always helping his little sisters and he will clean his room or unload the dishwasher and tells me, "mom i didn't want you to have to do all the work." he is always concerened about others. when my mom buys him presents or gives him dollar bills he will turn it away with tears and say, "you keep it grandma. . . i don't want you to waste all your money." he never forgets to bless the "poor kids" in his prayers and when boston and luci are fighting he is usually the one to give up the "blue cup" to his sister so she won't be sad. he is a peacemaker.
boston is always happy. he loves to smile, laugh, and be a crazy boy.

although i am not great at expressing myself i want you to know boston that i love you more that you will ever understand and i would give up anything for you. i will never forget the feeling i had when i first held you in my arms or when i knew you we were waiting to come to our family! you bring me more joy than anything else could! please as you turn one year older. . . .don't forget how much i love you and that, "i love you more than life"

happy birthday sweetie. mom


  1. What a STUD!! Happy Birthday Boston.

  2. That was soo sweet Kelli :) You are an amazing mom! :),and Boston is an amazing kid, so Lucy and Kate are :)..i think he will LOVE to read it :)
    Happy Birthday Boston!!:) I LOVE YOU!!!:)

  3. Kell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. You shot some GREAT pics of Boston. WOW!!! I love that little kid.