BODE. . .is finally here!!

yesterday i had the privilege to witness a miracle and i am so grateful to my sister and her husband for letting me join in on this special day! this is my first attempt at birth photography and i LOVED it. i am planning on posting a slideshow but just a few for now!


  1. GREAT PICTURES!!!!:)))
    He is sooooo cute :)))))

  2. Those are so precious!!

    Also, Shaun and I want you to take our family pictures sometime in the next few months. Do you have a price list we can look at? Also, I am completely tempted to have you there to take pictures when we have a baby!! :) We aren't even pregnant but I already stress about getting pictures when the baby is born but all the while, still enjoying the moment!!

  3. These look amazing! i would love to have you take my little girls six months pictures in the next few weeks if possible! Do you have an email address or something so i can get in contact with you? Thanks, shalise!