coolest kid ever

ok. . . .i know most of you don't know daniel but he is one of the coolest kids i know! he is 17, a boy, and he called me on his own to surprise his parents with pictures (what a stud)! daniel i hope you like the pics because your parents are going to love them! i had so much fun!

also kristy (in Ukraine) when you read this could you please leave me your email address in the comments! i miss you and i dont know how to get in touch with you!


  1. First of all, I LOVE your photography! Second, I was wondering your prices and how to contact you for more information on booking a session? Please e-mail me back at sweetcookie418@hotmail.com when you get a minute. Thanks-Carli

  2. Hi Kelli :)) my email is kristinka1991@yahoo.com
    I have written you emails but i think i've got wrong email adress.
    Please write me sometime when you find free second :)i would love to know how you guys doing and how your kids doing :)))
    Love you!! :))

  3. Ah! I love these! The one where they are whispering kills me! I am just grinning ear to ear over this one! Wow, love your work!!