the man of my dreams

my husbands birthday was on sunday and i just wanted to let him know how much i am still in love with him!
we met on a blind date and for those of you who don't know our story(i am pretty sure that most of you do) i will fill you in!
i think i had already been on hundreds of blind dates and i think my family was starting to worry that i wasn't going to get married! when my sister lined me up i wasn't really the most excited to go! anyway, the second i saw him i went to the nearest bathroom to call my mom! when she answered i said,"mom. . . .i have struck GOLD!!!!!"
i still believe i got the better end of the deal and he is better than gold! i could not have dreamed up a better person for me and i am so lucky that he is my man!

i love you babe! happy birthday


  1. I have told your story to people because I LOVE what you said to your mom - classic!! Happy B-day Shane!! I hope you guys are doing good - miss you...

  2. Aww, that is sweet :) That is wonderful that you still feel so passionately about your husband!

  3. Love that story! You guys are a beautiful couple. We miss you so much it hurts!!! Happy birthday Shane!

  4. How funny :)))
    You guys are beautiful family:))))

    Happy birthday Shane!:))