happy easter. . . .alaskan treat

ok i am really lame at blog titles so if anyone wants to email me cool titles i will LOVE you!!! anyway... i wish you all a happy easter and i will leave you a little photography treat that will make you smile (hopefully)! they are the nicest family and i am so lucky to have met them! enjoy


  1. Kelli- These pics are great. I love the one of the the boys in the car...and little Miss Jenna. They are such a cute family. I tried to fit in their suitcase so I could come see you too!

  2. Kelli--Thanks so much for taking our pictures! The wind will always be a memory, although you would never know how bad the wind was blowing when you look at these. You are so talented at capturing the perfect look. (I love, love, love those 2 of Jenna!) I also agree with Tia. I love the one of the boys in the truck. The colors are perfect. I can't wait to see the rest!