baby maelyn

there are only a few people in life that you can count on 100% of the time. . . what ever you need they are are willing to help and will help even when you don't ask. this baby's daddy is one of those kind of friends and we LOVE him!!!
thanks for letting me hold and love your baby. . . she is beautiful!


  1. Kelli Love the pics---They are amazing--can't wait to see them.


  2. LOVE them Kell!! The 3rd one down with her eyes open is my fav - so beautiful! We had SO much fun seeing you guys last night - thanks again:)

  3. Kelli - you do some great work. What sort of lighting did you use on these infant shots?

    It was great to meet you at the Strobist meetup tonight.

  4. Wow Kell- you have been so busy! These pictures are so sweet- that baby has gorgeous skin- you can almost feel the softness of it!