all grown up

i know these pics are not the best i have taken and i know that the lighting is not perfect but i will never forget the day that i dropped off my little boy to kindergarten! boston was so excited i thought i had made a huge mistake putting him in the afternoon class. . . the morning dragged on forever it seemed! we got to the school a few minutes early to take some pics to find alot of other moms there as well! the last thing he wanted was his pictures taken so i tried to let him play and snap a few when i could.

a little bit of a fake smile. . . but at least he looked at me

these are some of his friends in our neighborhood that are in his class! he is so excited that they are all in the same class

crossing the bars waiting for his teacher to come and take him to class

finally the moment that made me cry . . .(and i am still tearing up writing this)! the teacher had them get in a line, wave goodbye, and they walked inside.
i wanted to run in after him but he wants to grow up ! he can't wait to learn, make new friends and become more independent! i hope all his dreams come true and as hard as it is to let my baby grow up. . . . everyday he makes me more proud!

i love you boston!! good luck at kinnie!

love mom


  1. Your pics look GREAT!!! How touching! He sure is growing up fast, dangit. I love that little son of a gun. What a good kid. We're so blessed.

  2. Ooh, so you are now getting a text from me??? SO cute of Boston and his friends! I am going to go take pics of Adri too - what a great idea!! I only wish they would turn out half as good as yours - they are darling...

  3. Boston is such a hansom kid! That kindergarten thing never gets easier for me. So hard to see them growing up! I love the one of him with his friends- they look like little models.

  4. GREAT pictures!!!Love all of them,expecialy 1st one and one with his friends!
    He is such a beautiful gorgeous boy!He is like a model kid.Wait when he gets a little bit older,all of the girls in school will run after him :)

  5. Oh, I love that kid. I can't believe our boys are in Kindergarten. LOve the pictures and can't wait to do mine! Love Ya