ok so i must admit that i am jealous of a summer wedding. . .i always wanted one! everthing about bethany's wedding was refreshing. . .the blue sky and swimming pool, all the orange and pink that looked like fresh fruit, and all the people who came to celebrate their special day! everyone was so awesome! thank you for letting me be apart of your special day. . .you make a fabulous couple

anytime you have three of something it is adorable. . .triplets sound like fun when your behind a camera!!


  1. Kelli, great job. Love these pics. I love the close-up of Bethany with a serious face, and I really like the guys picture. Fabulous job.

  2. Great shots Kell!! I love the triplet picture - and of the Bride hugging the little boy - too cute!!

  3. Great job!!!!I love them all!!!!Cute couple:)