happy fourth of july

i know that i am a month late but these were too cute not to post!
when we were getting ready that morning for the parade i was talking to the kids about freedom and what it meant to be "free". Luci was staring at me and soaking in every word that came out of my mouth and when i was done talking she said, "mommy i "free" years old." ok . . . so maybe i should save my patriotic sermon for when they are little older than three.

at the parade:

a real daddy's girl

that dimple is to die for and i never tell him enough how much i love him. . . .thanks for making all my dreams come true!!

i love how much they love each other. . . . they are always holding hands

we always spend the evening at oakridge country club and the kids love it. they have a live band, face painting and all you can eat buffet. i could not get boston to smile and in this picture i told him to roar like a lion and if you cant tell by the pic he sounded like a baby kitten. later i found out that he had influenza A and was really sick for a week. he is sooo cute even when he's sick

libby dancing the night away

my cousins little girl andy! she is adorable and luci loves to be around her


  1. Great pictures!!!:))SOOO CUTE!!
    3rd picture is so precious!!:))

  2. Good Morning. I love these pics of the kids. I actually started laughing just imagining Luci laughing at Boston like in the 1st pic. FUNNY!!!

  3. Oh I just LOVE these - all of them! I don't think it is fair that your 4th of July pics look like a photo shoot!! BTW, I have been gone - sorry for the late comment:)