one of my favorites

this is one of my all time favorite families!!!! they are one of the first families i took pictures of and i fall more in love with them every year they come back. . .and i just found out they are moving to ALASKA!!
i will miss you so much tia and i hope we can stay in touch. . . you're all so beautiful and the people of alaska are so lucky to get your family.

the kids

we will start with the oldest. . . madaline! everyone in the family looks up to her and she is close to perfect. she is a natural in front of the camera!

then we have andrew the only boy! like any boy i don't think he likes taking pictures but he is always a great sport and will do anything i ask!

next we have eliza. . . who is so adorable i want to squeeze her and bring her home with me! she is so sweet and the camera loves her!

last we have the baby. . .gracie! she unlike the others does NOT like the camera in her face or anywhere she can she it! so i reallly REALLY like a challenge!
so i had to pull out all my jokes, animal sounds and kisses to get some great shots and as you can see i think we won the battle!!

finally we can't forget about mom and dad. they are probably two of the greatest people i have ever met. i will miss you and your family so much and i hope when you move back to utah (i HOPE) we can be next door neighbors. i love you and will never forget you!!!!! good luck on your adventures



  1. Kell, these are wonderful pictures. Tia's girls are darling, and so is Tia. Poor Steve, you really left him hangin. HA. I'm sure you're sad you won't be able to take their pictures again for a while. Bon Voyage Howard Family!!!

  2. The Howards just moved into our ward. We love them and are so lucky to have them!! I love your work and wish you lived here! I may contact you in the future! --Kristy Gardiner