sneak peak. . .baby molly

my family is dying to see my cousins baby so i thought i would post a few so they could see this hair i am drooling over. i WILL post more in a couple days but this is all for now!
katie you looked beautiful as always and it was so good to see you. . .and one last thing. . . can i borrow molly's wig for my next newborn shoot?
love you guys



  1. Holy hair! I love it! She is a beautiful baby and you got some amazing shots of her! Love, love, love them. When we get our next babe I'm definitely coming to you!

  2. Oh my goodness what a beautiful baby! I love the one with the pink and white polka dot background, it's my FAVORITE! You do such a good job Kelli, you are a busy woman :) see ya soon!

  3. Kelli, these photos are awesome. She is SOOOOO cute! She looks like a porcelain doll you'd buy at the store (and not the Walmart version). Good work. Excellent pics.