computer problems and BEAUTIFUL family

sorry to all of you who are waiting for your pictures. i hate computer problems and we have been fixing this thing for a month now! i am getting a new computer but it will not come for 3 weeks so please be patient.
on a good note i got to shoot pictures of a beautiful family and some of our best friends!!! we love you guys and we are still hoping we can be neighbors someday! enjoy the pics of your beautiful family! love kelli


  1. OH KELL!!!! I LOVE them ALL!!! They turned out SO stinkin' cute!! We had such a good time - I was stressed before, but once we got together, I had a blast and the kids were pretty good - all things considered:) They loved the treats - thanks so much - you are an AMAZING photographer!!!

  2. Kell...It's Spence...Thanks for everything. Awesome pics. Can't wait to see the rest of them.

  3. Hey I'm AshleySchoenfeld... diane worthens{she lives near you} daughter was wondering if you ever do any mentoring stuff. I could use a little bit of your advice!