model family

i know they are all beautiful, and all look like models but that is not the reason i call them the model family. i call them the model family because these boys are what i want my children to act like ALL the time! they were all so polite and happy. . . and anything i asked them to do they did before i even asked (so it seemed). They laughed freely and nobody was too stressed. it was the perfect day and the perfect family. i am so glad i got to meet all of you!!! what a privilege!

This is the oldest boy hayden, and he is too young to date so don't even ask for his number. he was super cool and the camera loves him

then we have andrew. this boy melts my heart. i can still hear him laughing and i love it!

then we have stratton and this kid did ANYTHING i asked of him

and last we have the princess who REALLY wanted nothing to do with me. she tried as hard as she could not to look at the camera and she tried especially hard not to break down and smile.
but mom and dad i think we won. . .at least i call it a win. . .she looks beautiful in every picture!!!

the whole fam. . .hope you like them!

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  1. What a darling family. Kelli you do an amazing job, i love all your pictures.