first senior 2010

samatra, you are so beautiful and so much fun. thanks for dancing for me in the middle of the city. . .you rock! i am so glad that you came to Utah to have your pictures done. . .i hope it was worth it!!!


  1. She's beautiful!! I love the 3rd one up from the bottom - my fav....

  2. Kell, I love every single one of these pictures. I think she looks SOOOOOoooo happy inside, and what a beautiful girl. She looks like she's got the world by the tail. How fun to have someone fly in to have YOU shoot their pics....hat's off to you, babe. Again, these are stunning, absolutely stunning. You killed it.

  3. Greetings Kelli,
    Your photography work of young Ms. H is great! As her godmother...it is excellent to see her beauty and inner light captured within the lens. It looks like the end result of a very successful shoot.