lovin this family

this family is the cutest, and i LOVE the colors they wore. i know family pictures can be so stressful but you did great amber!
it was so good seeing you guys. . .hope you like!

oldest brynnlee. . .fun and sassy

the only boy. . .caiden (so sweet)

the baby. . .avery (did not like the camera lady)

the adorable kids

the whole fam


  1. They do look super cute - it gives me good ideas! I am getting SO stressed about ours - I just want us all to look good and I am having bad dreams about it - ugh...

  2. Kelli, I LOVE these guys, and you got GREAT shots of them all. Caiden and Brynlee are cute little kids. Purple clothes against their white blonde-headed kids is SOOOOOO cute. The last pic, the family one, is SOOOOO awesome. The kids are all striking the cutest poses. It's a winner.

  3. I didn't even know you were a photographer. I love the pictures. I was quite surprised to see Shane and Amber's family on your blog. Fun though to see a familiar face.