luci turns four

i can't believe that my little girl is four! the time is going by way to fast.
some things i don't want to forget about Luci at this age are:

she loves to eat oatmeal. Luci loves salad, tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, and of course candy.
she plays dress up and 'mom and dad' ALL day long. she comes up with the BEST made up names for her dolls.
Luci is VERY independent and wants to do everything herself. she laughs freely and corrects my english:)
Luci loves to do cheer leading and she is always the first one to dig in the dirt and play with worms and slugs.
she was the most excited to turn four because now she can start preschool and she has been begging me to teach her how to read for a year now.
Luci walks up to complete strangers and will have a complete conversation with them. she asks a TON of questions and wants to figure out how the world spins right now.
she loves her boots because they make sounds when she walks.(these are the only shoes she ever wants to wear!)

Luci you are mischievous and good. you are sweet and sassy. you are confident and loud. you are strong willed and sensitive!
i would NOT want you ANY other way! i love you and please stay little for me:)


  1. Oh WOW Kelli,she is SOOO BEAUTIFUL,SOO GORGEOUS little girl :) I have always loved her personality...she is just so adorable cute little girl:)

    I still can't believe she just turned four...i always look at that little portrait with all the kids you have presented me before i left,it's right next to my computer,so its amazing to watch them grow by the pictures..it's been already 2 years i haven't seen you guys in person,that's crazy,how time flies!well hopefully next summer..but anyways,your kids are SO BEAUTIFUL :) and they are soo LUCKY to have YOU as their mom:)


  2. Love that little Lucy! Beautiful just like her Mama! Thanks for hanging out Kel.. it was a highlight of my trip. Miss you so much!