seven years ago

I LOVE you Boston!!! Happy Birthday!

Several times a day I tell my kids that I love them! The other day Boston said, "Mom I already know that you love me, so you don't have to keep telling me that."

Well son. . . there are a few things in life I NEVER want you to forget!

love mom XOXOXO


my fabulous sister engaged

she got engaged about. . . .5 months ago and she is already married but i thought i would still share some of the pics anyway:)
i love her so much and she is beautiful in everyway! next up i will show you some of her bridals


long break

i didn't realize it had been soooooooo long since my last post! i think they turned out darling considering we didn't think we got any cute ones! she just wasn't in the mood for pictures. . .but i think we ended up winning! i love you little mia:)


just because

i have soooo many pictures to post, but for now i just have one of my little girl. i thought i would try something different:)


another sweet little boy

i have so many pictures that i had a hard time picking my favorites! all of these new little boys are making me want one myself:)

all of you are so beautiful, and i loved spending the morning with you! congratulations on your first little one. . .he is a DREAM!



after A LOT of thought and tears i have decided not to schedule any more photo shoots indefinitely! i want to thank each of you who have trusted me take your pictures. . .it was a privilege!!!! right now my kids are growing at a crazy rate and now is the most important time for me to be HOME! they still love me and BEG to play with me so i need to take advantage of it before i am replaced with friends!

i will continue to take pictures of my family and post them on this blog.

i am sure that one day it will be the RIGHT time to pursue my passion, but for now my heart is with my three small children who have so much to learn. . . and i am the teacher:)

thanks again to everybody who i have photographed. . .i consider you my friends!


i am not sure if that is a word, but that is how i feel about this baby, his parents and the whole shoot! i LOVE to photograph newborns, and smell their newness! thank you for sharing your baby with me:)