after A LOT of thought and tears i have decided not to schedule any more photo shoots indefinitely! i want to thank each of you who have trusted me take your pictures. . .it was a privilege!!!! right now my kids are growing at a crazy rate and now is the most important time for me to be HOME! they still love me and BEG to play with me so i need to take advantage of it before i am replaced with friends!

i will continue to take pictures of my family and post them on this blog.

i am sure that one day it will be the RIGHT time to pursue my passion, but for now my heart is with my three small children who have so much to learn. . . and i am the teacher:)

thanks again to everybody who i have photographed. . .i consider you my friends!


  1. Kelli, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Our kids are SO fortunate to have a mother that is willing to put away her own desires and talents to bless and enrich their lives. I know his was a tough decision, and I know you made the right choice. As incredibly talented as you are behind the camera......you're an even more gifted mother. Our kids are SO blessed!!!

    So am I.

  2. I was so sad when you emailed me about this but I totally understand. You are an amazing photographer! Thank you so so much for our twins' newborn pictures. They are a treasure to me. Your kids are SO lucky to have such a great mom!
    -Jenny Cooper

  3. I'm so glad you get to be home with those cute as heck kiddos!! Of course everyone will be sad because you are such an amazing photographer, but like you said, there will be time in the future - but I feel the same way about now - we have such a short time until they are old! I will keep checking your blog - miss you guys...

  4. You always inspire me! I'll keep looking at your kids pictures! Your amazing! GO MOM ;)

  5. Darn! My mom wanted you to take pictures of our whole family. You are so talented. I totally understand that you want to spend more time with your family. Thanks so much for the awesome pictures of the twins!

  6. Kel-
    You are loved by so many and have created treasures that will be enjoyed in our homes for decades. Thank you for sharing your talents, and thanks for your reminder about what is really important. You won't regret that decision. Think about you often and miss you much!

  7. Just wanted to say I have been following your blog. I minored in Photography, and have felt a lot of pull to continue my work there, but the Lord has made it known to me, now is not the time. It is refreshing and faith assuring that another photographer feels there is a time and place for everything. You really are talented, but the pictures you really will treasure most are of your children. God bless and good luck with all your adventures with your little ones.