my fabulous sister engaged

she got engaged about. . . .5 months ago and she is already married but i thought i would still share some of the pics anyway:)
i love her so much and she is beautiful in everyway! next up i will show you some of her bridals


  1. She is gorgeous! Beautiful pictures! I'm still so sad that you never got to take Conner's pics for me (because he was in the NICU for so long...and then you had decided to take a break from photography...) I can't wait to see her bridals!! :)

  2. She is so cute! Cute fiance...or husband I guess...too! It's so weird cuz I just remember her as a baby, and now she's married!!!!

  3. Kel- these are striking! What a beautiful sis you have- it runs in the family! I never tire of seeing your work. You've got so much talent. Thanks for continuing to post. Miss you!